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I sometimes like to think that my paintings are alive, like little animals or growing things, especially as they come to fruition. I look for animation/vitality in a painting as I work on it, and it shows in the colours. At the same time my head is busy working through the technical challenges, so that balance, ambiguity, depth and also, may I say beauty, have a chance.

After visiting Northern Victoria and Benalla with a group of artists concerned with environmental issues, led by John Reid, I’m remembering the different beauty that shows after drought or fire, when rains comes with new growth and the powerful desire of local people to nourish the environment and assist in returning the land to health. All these impressions being offered, return as memories in the studio.

From: Engaging Visions, a publication compiling field studies and exhibitions convened by John Reid for the Environmental Studies program, ANU School of Art, 2010.

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