The book Liz Coats : Active Seeing was published as part of the survey exhibition of the same name at the Drill Hall gallery, Canberra in 2017.

"This long overdue survey of Liz Coats' art spans more than forty years and will reveal a striking consistency of approach. 'My embrace of organic detail reflects a spirit of inclusiveness in a way that I believe, brings an empathic quality to the structural formalities of my process', she says. From the beginning, her work has explored materialised perceptions of colour in light. She has demonstrated an integrity of purpose and a highly refined, unifying vision. In this, her thoughtful engagement with the canon of abstraction is ever implicit."

You can order a copy through the Drill Hall Gallery website.


Hardback, 112 pages, 22 x 24 cm
Published by DHG Publishing
Liz Coats; Text by Bridie Lonie, Tony Oates

$40 (excl. postage)

111 pages : colour illustrations ; 23 x 24 cm.

ISBN 9780995425835

Liz has contributed to many publications. A full list can be seen in her Curriculum Vitae.

Liz Coats: Active Seeing